If you’d like some company or guidance on your writing journey, here are a few writing workshops/classes offered in November and December. All classes are online (Zoom) unless otherwise indicated.

If you are an instructor and have a writing class you think would be of interest to the Writer-ish community, you can submit it here for consideration.

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2024 Micro Memoir Workshop Update

Monthly live micro memoir workshops are on pause beginning January 1, 2024 as Darien finishes two book manuscripts, but our full library of micro memoir workshops are available (including revising your micro prose and submitting your micro prose) with unlimited classroom access that includes any future updates. We’ll also be offering bonus office hours for existing Writer-ish writers (anyone who has purchased a live or recorded workshop). To be notified of when new workshops are available, sign up for updates here.

11/1: The Ancient Art of Imitation: Learning Craft from Other Writers

with Nancy McCabe (CRAFT TALKS), November 1, 2023, Wednesday from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT. $15 (early bird) | $25. Sign up here.

The tried-and-true art of observing and imitating others' techniques will give you new ideas and directions. We will look at how contemporary writers can examine and learn from the style and structures of other writers–and generate ideas and solve problems in our own work.

11/8: Writing Through the Lens: Think Like a Photographer to Craft Compelling Scenes

with Grace Hwang Lynch (CRAFT TALKS), November 8, 2023, Wednesday from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST. $15 (early bird) | $25. Sign up here.

Struggling with writing scenes or recreating lost memories? Thinking like a photographer can help. In this seminar, we will examine samples of memoir and essays that draw upon photographs to deepen scene and character, and you will learn how to use these practical techniques in your own storytelling. Registrants will receive a handout with prompts and actionable tips.

11/15: Navigating Literary Magazines

with Becky Tuch (CRAFT TALKS), November 15, 2023, Wednesday from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST. $15 (early bird) | $25. Sign up here.

Feeling overwhelmed by the landscape of literary magazines? Join us in this fun and lively session for answers to your lit mag questions.

11/19: The Family Tree (Micro Memoir Workshop)

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com), via Zoom, November 19, 2023, Sunday from 1-2:30 pm PST. $49. Sign up here.

Ready to climb the family tree? In this month’s workshop, we’ll explore family members both known and unknown, including those who might be hiding out in the branches. We’ll discuss the ways we can tell a personal story that involves others (alive or passed), how permission works, and which family members might have something to say or who have lived lives we want to help remember. You’ll leave with plenty of tools to keep writing and exploring the stories of your family tree.

Looking for more resources? Recorded Micro Memoir workshops are available here. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can find a new writing prompt every Monday here.

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