Are you ready to write? Come join me and learn how to write micro, which I define as prose narratives of 300 words or less. All of my workshops offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. The workshops are for all levels.

Your purchase includes unlimited access so you can attend live and/or watch the recorded class as many times as you’d like. Other than the Foundation Courses, you’ll leave each 90-minute session with 3 written pieces, a craft tip or two, plus inspiration and resources to keep you going. Return to a workshop as often as you’d like—you’ll end up writing something different each time. It’s a great way to stay in the flow with your writing, and you can build a library of classes with different themes to keep you inspired. You can write a memoir based on a collection of micro memoirs or micro narratives. Many people have, myself included—it can take on different forms. Micro changed my life … let’s see what it can do for you!

All classes are $49, or buy a bundle of 3 for 15% off (Foundation Courses are excluded from the Bundle discount; please see FAQs below for more details).

Foundation Courses Available Now

These foundation micro workshops are available for immediate and unlimited access now. After your purchase, you’ll receive log-in instructions to the classroom.

The Micro Prose Revision Workshop

If you’ve been generating micro prose (300 words or less) and feel ready to revise these pieces, this workshop is for you! I’ll share my revision process that amplifies a good piece of writing into something pretty darn great, helping you hone in on what the prose really wants to say. Apply this process to all of your existing work, and use the timestamps in the video to come back anytime you’d like to revise any of your writing with some company and timed accountability.

The Micro Prose Submission Workshop

Wondering if you should submit your micro prose to a literary journal or publisher? The answer is yes! In this workshop, I discuss how and where to submit your individual micro prose pieces, as well as contests and publishers for chapbooks (15-35 pieces) and full-length collections (35-75+ pieces). I also talk about how to incorporate your micro work into larger bodies of work, as well as how to decide if/when your work is ready to go out into the world. We’ll consider different submission strategies and schedules so you can find one that works for you. Includes a submission tracker, sample templates, resources, and more.

Workshops Available Now

These micro prose workshops are available for immediate and unlimited access now! After your purchase, you’ll receive log-in instructions to the classroom and can begin viewing (and writing!) when you’re ready.

Beginnings (Micro Memoir Workshop)

In the words of T.S. Eliot, “Every moment is a fresh beginning.” Beginnings signify a transition from the past to the present, forming the foundation of our experiences and narratives. Beginnings hold the power to shape our perspectives and set the tone for what lies ahead. We’ll explore the various beginnings we’ve encountered in life and their impact on who we are today.

Writing The Familiar (Micro Memoir Workshop)

We’ll explore the people, things, places, and moments that are familiar to us. What do we have to say about these things we think we know so well know and how else can we play with perspective? What do these familiar objects and moments say about us and how do we find our stories in the every day?

Origins (Micro Memoir Workshop)

Origins are a starting point, a beginning, the source of things—they’re the point from which something arises. What are our stories about our origins, and how has this informed our movement through the world? Who/what/where do we come from? We’ll explore the origins that have shaped our personal narratives, and investigate where to go next.

Kitchen Table (Micro Memoir Workshop)

Food is deeply woven into our past, particularly when we gather around the kitchen table. Kitchen tables hold memories of where we were, who we shared meals with, and what we ate. But what do we remember, and what might we have missed? We’ll look at the intersection of consumption, craving, and connection, and how it shapes who we are today.

Found Objects (Micro Memoir Workshop)

Found objects can be discovered, sought out, or given to us. They’re about investigation and inquiry. They encourage us to look closely at the unexpected, to pay attention to that which might otherwise be overlooked. We’ll use found objects to help us bypass our thinking minds and help unlock our stories.

On the Move (Micro Memoir Workshop)

Moving is a major life transition, be it from one house to another, one state to another, one country to another. What do these moves have to offer us? How has the physicality of moving impacted how we live in the world? What do we bring with us, and what do we leave behind? Whether moving was joyful or bittersweet, we’ll create a timeline to honor the key moves in our lives and write from there.

The Body (Micro Memoir Workshop)

From scars and broken bones to growth spurts and hairy armpits, our wonderful beating hearts (and let’s not forget those funny toes and lazy eyes), our bodies have a wealth of stories to tell. We’ll be listening, remembering, and staying open to our physicality and how our bodies have helped define our human experience.

The Family Tree (Micro Memoir Workshop)

Ready to climb the family tree? In this month’s workshop, we’ll explore family members both known and unknown, including those who might be hiding out in the branches. We’ll discuss the ways we can tell a personal story that involves others (alive or passed), how permission works, and which family members might have something to say or who have lived lives we want to help remember. You’ll leave with plenty of tools to keep writing and exploring the stories of your family tree.

Student Testimonials

Writing Again

These classes got me back to my writing practice and I have momentum on two new projects!! I have learned so much from Darien through her classes. Thanks for all you do with your generous and motivational teaching methodology.


This workshop has made my writing project much more approachable and attainable. The micro style has also inspired some new ideas for other projects. Thank you so much for opening this portal for me.

a wonderful teacher

Darien is a wonderful teacher. I am very motivated now and can see the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.” Thank you for sharing your gifts, you are so good at what you do!


This was so informative and inspiring … I feel so much more focused and driven! This was just what I needed to start writing again. Thank you for your kindness and frankness, and for being invested in actually getting us to write. I’m grateful!


This workshop helped me strike a balance between being open to what wants/needs to be expressed through me and what I’m in the space to receive/explore. It gave me both structure and inspiration. Priceless.


I LOVE the micro essay format now! I am inspired to continue, and feel empowered (and relieved). Thank you!

I Finally Know What to do

This really helped me to create this structure around the work that I am doing. I have been just writing and trying to find a shape that the pieces make together afterward, and this has given me the skills to work with more intention, especially when generating work. Thank you!

More Confidence

Darien’s class made me more confident that I could create a collection of work. Definitely made me feel like this is something I’d like to continue practicing. I have a lot more ideas and thoughts than I realized.


This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • you need a little push to get the words flowing
  • you want to explore different ways to tell your story
  • you want to develop a consistent writing practice
  • writing is your jam and you’re open to new opportunities to hone your craft
  • you’d like to learn organization and structural techniques
  • you’d like to get some writing done, ASAP!
  • you want guidance and support
  • you’d like advice from an expert
  • you want to continue building a body of micro memoirs or narratives

Each workshop follows the same format but centers on a different theme, feeling, or element, with new prompts and a new craft element. Two are foundational workshops (Revising Micro Prose and Submitting Micro Prose). The Micro Memoir Workshops are a great way to create some rhythm with your writing, and you’ll leave with at least three pieces of writing and inspiration to help move your writing forward. Writers who attend multiple workshops will see their body of work grow while developing mastery over the form and establishing a consistent writing practice.

These workshops are for writers of all levels. I’ve had brand new writers and published authors in this workshop, and everyone gets what they need.

All workshops are $49 and include unlimited access to the classroom, workshop resources, printable downloads, and any future updates.

Buy a bundle of at least three workshops (use code BUNDLE15) and save 15%. Note: you must purchase 3 workshops within the same hour in order to use the code. Any single purchases using the code will be automatically refunded and you will lose your seat in the workshop. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts; the two Foundation Courses (Micro Prose Revision Workshop and Micro Prose Submission Workshop) are excluded from this offer.

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