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Moving Forward

Feeling stuck?

If you’re working on something thatโ€™s not working, you decide what to do next. Stay or go. If you stay, you risk not moving and your work not moving. You continue to loop in a holding pattern, waiting for a change in something external, like the appearance of another way out which may or may not come. I won’t be absolute about this, because sometimes waiting is a necessary part of the writing process (confusing, I know). If your book or creative project is tenacious and won’t let you go (or you won’t let it go), fine. But stop hanging around and start moving. Start writing or creating again.

Donโ€™t worry about time lost. Don’t beat yourself up. We can use everything that happens on this writer’s journey, including dead ends. If you continue to move forward with purpose and intention, and stay open to whatever may come, a new path will reveal itself and in the end youโ€™ll get to where you want to be all the sooner.