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Borrow From the Basics

Struggling to come up with an idea for a novel? Borrow a page from the ever-present holiday fruitcake and seek inspiration from an age-old story. Choose from one of these seven original plot lines and see what happens. Why not draw from epics like The Odyssey and write about a cross-country roadtrip (voyage and return)? Or plot a sci-fi thriller that takes place in your hometown (overcoming the monster)? What about a honeymoon gone bad (tragedy) or a heroine abandoned by her cruise ship (comedy)? Or the down-on-his-luck hero who wins big on a game show (rags to riches)? 

The bottom line: itโ€™s not so much what you write about, but how you write about it. Thereโ€™s room for everyone to find their own expression of the same old story and make it into something new.