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Call Yourself a Writer

When I meet a new writer for the first time, some will quickly will append their introduction to clarify that they are not really a writer … yet. They list the reasons: they write regularly and have since they were a kid, but they don’t think they’re any good. Or maybe they write and take classes but they’re not published like the “real” writers. Or maybe they don’t write regularly, but they used to write, maybe even won a small award in college. Maybe they love writing but they never took an official writing class or got an MFA or do the kind of writing that everyone else says you have to do if you want to be a “real” writer.

Forget all that.

Seeing yourself as a writer is an inside-out job. If you don’t believe yourself to be a writer, artist or creative person, no one else will be able to convince you otherwise. It’s more than the words you speak—it’s how you feel, what you deeply believe. Don’t complicate your deep knowing with facts or proof or credentials—decide if you want to see yourself as a writer, and go from there.