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Why Write?

“Why?” you might ask. “If I don’t have plans to write a book or make a career out of words and letters on a page, what’s the point?”

In its most basic form, writing is how we communicate. We communicate with ourselves by writing in our journal or drafting our intentions in a will. We communicate with others by writing emails, letters, business plans, articles, blog posts, 140-character tweets and yes, whole books. By writing we clarify who we are, what we want and what we don’t want. Writing encourages us to make things clear—even a simple shopping list specifies what we want or need to get.  

Writing is also how we create. We put our ideas and inventions down on paper, and then make them happen. When we try a new recipe, we follow the instructions until, voilà! Something you’ve never cooked before is now sitting on the table, ready for us to dig in.

It all starts with writing.