Welcome to How to Keep Writing Wednesdays, where you'll find a boost of encouragement to help you keep the words flowing.

Create A Daily Writing Practice

It’s hard to fit a daily writing practice into our busy lives, I know. But you can make the most out of small pockets of time. Simply jotting down a few sentences is a start, and will set you down a path of creativity and inspiration. Even ten minutes of writing can make a difference.

Staring down a blank page is intimidating, but if you’re reading this, you have the tools to get writing. Start with a writing prompt (check out Micro Monday for a new prompt each week). It doesn’t matter if you have any interest in the prompt or if it’s not something you’d choose to write about. Writing prompts are warm-ups, like jumping jacks. They get the blood flowing (or, in this case, your creativity).

Find your ten minutes, set a kitchen timer, grab a pen and piece of paper. Write out the prompt and then continue writing whatever comes to mind, even if it’s completely unrelated. The prompt doesn’t care which way you go just so long as you go. 

Keep your hand moving. Don’t stop, don’t edit, don’t cross anything out. If you get stuck, write “I’m stuck I’m stuck I’m stuck” until something new comes up (something always does). When you’re done, put your writing away and get back to your life. 

What this kind of writing does is loosen up those tight and creaky places in our brain and spirit (it’s called free writing for more reasons than one). Do this daily and you’ll see ideas, solutions and endless possibilities start to flow.