The Amazing 8 Writing Prompts

Use these photo writing prompts to help you develop a micro prose practice while building a small (or full-length) body of work. Use them to generate creative nonfiction/memoir or fiction work.

  • To print out a collage of the image in color, click here.
  • To print out a collage of the image in black and white, click here.
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes and tackle each image in order. Click on each image to view it full screen.
  • There are eight (8) images in total, so you can write two per week (except for those extra-long months). But I have plenty of other prompts if you need them; see below!
  • Go with the first thought/emotion from the image. Don’t worry if it seems “off-topic”—follow the thread.
  • Remember that this is less about the image as a prompt and more about what comes up for you. Setting your intention is a big part of pre-paving what ends up on the page. (To learn more about this, check out my primer below or take one of my micro prose workshops).
  • Don’t recognize an image? Have no idea what you’re looking at? Don’t like what you’re looking at? It’s okay. Trust your first response or question. Again—follow the thread.
  • If it turns out that images are your thing, The New York Times has image/photo prompts, too.

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