If you’d like some company or guidance on your writing journey, here are a few writing workshops/classes offered in September and October. All classes are online (virtual) unless otherwise indicated.

If you are an instructor and have a writing class you think would be of interest to the Writer-ish community, you can submit it here for consideration.

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🏮 2024 Micro Memoir Workshop Updates

Darien is fully engaged on two new writing projects, a novel and a nonfiction book. Monthly live writing workshops are on pause until their completion, but look for pop-up writing salons and single live workshops, plus bonus office hours for existing Writer-ish writers (anyone who has purchased a live or recorded workshop). She’ll be at AWP in Kansas City, Missouri, in February 2024, leading two panels, and look for the launch of a Month of Micro, a month of guided micro prompts, coming soon. Sign up for updates here.

9/17: On the Move (Micro Memoir Workshop)

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com online), September 17, 2023, Sunday from 1-2:30 pm PST. $49. Sign up here.

Moving is a major life transition, be it from one house to another, one state to another, one country to another. What do these moves have to offer us? How has the physicality of moving impacted how we live in the world? What do we bring with us, and what do we leave behind? Whether moving was joyful or bittersweet, we’ll create a timeline to honor the key moves in our lives and write from there.

10/29: The Body (Micro Memoir Workshop)

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com online), October 29, 2023, Sunday, from 1:00-2:30 pm PST. $49. Sign up here.

From scars and broken bones to growth spurts and hairy armpits, our wonderful beating hearts and (sigh) that time of the month (and let's not forget those funny toes and lazy eyes), our bodies have a wealth of stories to tell. We'll be listening, remembering, and staying open to our physicality and how our bodies have helped define our human experience.

One-on-One Literary Consults and Coaching Sessions

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com online). Schedule a 60-minute Zoom session here. Need more time or want to discuss your work? Save with a 75-minute Zoom session here.

A literary consult and/or coaching session is an opportunity for you to discuss and receive guidance on your writing, your writing process, and/or your literary career. These sessions are helpful if you need to troubleshoot a troubled manuscript, want insight into the publishing process, or are ready for someone to cheer you on as you strive to meet your goals. How you use this time is up to you, or let me guide our time based on a few thoughtful questions at the start of our session. If you’d like me to review any work with you, we would do this live during our time together; you’ll receive submission/share instructions prior to our meeting. 

Looking for more resources? All recorded Micro Memoir workshops are available here. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can find a new writing prompt every Monday here.