If you’d like some company or guidance on your writing journey, here are a few writing workshops and classes offered in May and June. All classes are online (virtual) unless otherwise indicated.

If you are an instructor and have a writing class you think would be of interest to the Writer-ish community, you can submit it here for consideration.

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5/4: Community Write-In (Hugo House)

with Darien Hsu Gee (Hugo House online), May 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2023, Thursdays, from 5:30-6:30 pm PST. Free! Sign up here.

Join writers from across the country and around the world every Thursday evening and get your words flowing in community! After a healthy dose of inspiration, you’ll get time to write and the opportunity to connect with other writers. Whether you want to journal, blog, start something new or get some fresh ideas for a work-in-progress, this hour will jumpstart your creativity.

5/21: The Micro Prose Revision Course (Micro Memoir Workshop)

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com online), May 21, 2023, Sunday, from 1:00-2:30 pm PST. $49. Sign up here.

If you’ve been writing micro prose (300 words or less) and are ready to polish your work and make it shine, don't miss this workshop. I’ll share my super-special, somewhat mind-blowing, 20-minute revision process that helps you elevate a good piece of writing into something pretty darn great. We’ll be writing AND revising in class, so you’ll be able to practice the process works and then apply it to any existing or future work. If you're familiar with my revision process but have unrevised pieces sitting around and/or need a jumpstart, come join me and let's get your writing practice going again. Includes office hours immediately following the workshop. 
“Darien’s revision process changed the write AND revise my work.” 
Caroline S.
“This is the most incredible revision technique I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know if I could have reached this revision quality on my own, and def not as quickly. Thank you!”
Liza P.
“After learning Darien's process, I'll never go back to my old way of revising.” 
Helen H.

“Darien knows her stuff…she has mastered the art of micro and is so generous in how she shares it with others. I’m a convert!!!”

Christina A.
"I can't believe how good I was able to make my writing. Thank you, Darien!!" 
Pat S.

6/3: Asian/Asian American Women’s Creative Writing Workshop (Stephanie Han)

with Stephanie Han (drstephaniehan.com online), June 3-July 27 7-9am HST 10:00 am-12:00 pm PST. $864 10% discount for HI State residents and former students. Sign up here.

This 8-week workshop is specifically designed for Asian women to encourage reading, writing, and validation through Asian/Asian American women's texts and experience. The focus of this workshop is voice. The second half of the course will give you the option to workshop a piece of writing. This mixed-level generative writing workshop covers personal expression across the genres. You will leave class with a clear understanding of your personal writing passions and strengths.

6/4: “Writing the Possible: Micro Prose with Darien Hsu Gee” (Hugo House)

with Darien Hsu Gee (Write-o-Rama, Hugo House online), June 4, 2023, Sunday, from 3:00 pm-3:50 pm PST. Full-day pass: $60 for four workshops/$100 includes one-year membership. Registration opens in May. View last year’s event/schedule here.

Micro prose (300 words or less) provides an unexpected pathway into the narrative of our lives. Poet Maggie Smith’s heartfelt and captivating memoir, You Could Make This Place Beautiful, is filled with over 208 micro memoirs, lyrical vignettes about the hardest and most beautiful moments of her life. We’ll discuss the micro prose form, do an in-class writing prompt, then explore what’s possible with the work and getting it into the world.

6/11: “Ancestors Calling: Divining the Family Narrative” (Hugo House)

with Darien Hsu Gee (Hugo House online), June 11, 2023, Sunday, from 10:00 am-1:00 pm PST. $90/$81 members. Sign up here.

Do you speak to the dead? Just kidding, except … not really. As writers, our ancestral history breathes through our bodies and appears on the written page, whether we realize it or not. The stories of those who came before us—and the legacies they bear, for better or worse—are what we carry. We'll explore ancestors both known and unknown through a series of micro narratives (300 words or less) and prose poems. No Ouija boards required.

6/13: “The Writing Brave Summit: Reclaim Your Creativity, Channel Your Magic, and Writing the Book That’s Calling Your Name” (Brooke Adams Law)

with Brooke Adams Law and over 34 writing experts (online), June 13-16, 2023, free! Sign up here.

The Writing Brave Summit brings together 30+ speakers to share writing process secrets, must-have craft techniques, and intuitive and energetic practices to help you dig deep and write your bravest book. 

6/25: “Origins” (Micro Memoir Workshop)

with Darien Hsu Gee (writer-ish.com online), June 25, 2023, Sunday, from 1:00-2:30 pm PST. $49. Sign up here.

If you’re ready to get a few stories on the page, come join me! We’ll start with a check-in and quickly outline the micro memoir format, then jump into some writing. You’ll leave with two to three pieces, plus inspiration to keep you going. This workshop is perfect for writers who need a little push to get the words flowing, writers who want to develop a consistent writing practice, or writers who are working on a more extensive body of work.

Limited Time: “Home Sweet Home” (The Micromiracle)

with Dr. Mimi Lee, up to three FREE 50-minute private therapy sessions. Sign up here.

Do you feel anxious or depressed despite all you have achieved? Do you want to experience life less burdened? My friend, Dr. Mimi Lee, is offering virtual 50-minute 1-on-1 sessions of collaborative conversations to transcend chronic states of survival to a dynamic flow of living and thriving. Three complimentary sessions good for six weeks at no charge; must be 21 or over. Visit her website for more information.

Ongoing: “Home Sweet Home” (Storywalking)

with Jenafer Joy, 9-day inspired inquiry, $27 or become a Storywalker for full-access to all her classes. Sign up here.

Fall in love with the spirit of your space. This isn’t a betterment project. This is about coming home. From Darien: I am a HUGE Jenafer Joy/Storywalking fan, and I recommend her workshops to writers who are committed to connecting with their inner selves and our sometimes mysterious creative processes. I have taught inquiry and curiosity in all my workshops, and Jenafer’s art/journal-based approach takes this home.  

If you’re more private and would like to work with me one-on-one, consider a 75-minute literary consult. If you can’t find a date that will work, reach out via the contact page. I’d love to help you reach your creative goals.

Looking for more resources? Check out the Writer-ish blog for free writing prompts and recommended books.

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